What data does the Beebot record and why is this information valuable?

The Beebot measures the in-hive temperature and humidity and records the sound inside of the hive.  The temperature and humidity analysis tell us a lot about the health of the colony, as bees tend to keep those parameters within certain levels. Any significant fluctuation is a clear sign that something is wrong with the colony.

Our algorithms analyse the information gathered by the device and send alarms and notifications to the beekeeper indicating attention is needed.

We are currently working on advanced sound analysis algorithms that will allow for notifications when a queen has stopped laying eggs, or a new queen is born.

We are also working on developing algorithms to predict swarming up to 5 days prior to the event.  This will provide an early warning for the beekeeper to take action.

What is the BBoard?

The BBoard is an interactive dashboard provided by our partner, Pollenity. The BBoard is where all the data aggregated by your Beebot(s) is stored, analysed and visualised in easy to read graphs and tables.  The BBoard gives you live insights of your beehive and sends you notifications when your attention is needed.  

Apart from that, you’ll be able to see historical data of your hive and know what to expect over the course of the year, based on the past history of your hive performance.

Our BBoard software is also a great tool for taking notes and keeping track of your operations.  What’s more, it offers the option to input hive inspection data in five simple steps and to add reminders in the built-in calendar.

What is the battery life of the Beebot?

The Beebot runs on a single charge for three to six months depending on the distance from the router / strength of the connection and weather conditions.

The battery is fully rechargeable and there is a charger included with your device.

How is the Beebot installed?

Installation is very easy and takes less than five minutes.  You can watch our step-by-step instruction video for the set-up procedures.  For best results, the Beebot should be installed on a frame in the centre of the brood box.

What are three holes on the front of Beebot?

The three small holes that can be found along a 1cm row helps the Beebot measure and listen to what is going in the hive.  While the bees may fill this with propolis, this does not affect the measurements in any way.

What maintenance does the Beebot require?

Тhe only thing you have to do is recharge the battery, once its drained (usually once every 3 to 6 months).

How many Beebots do I need for one hive and how many for an apiary?

Only one Beebot is needed per hive.  While statistically, one Beebot is sufficient for 10% of the apiary (i.e. 10 hives, one Beebot), it’s a lot more insightful to have one Beebot for each hive. 

How does the Beebot connect to the internet?

The Beebot connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi. The connection may be provided by a router or a cellular hotspot.

How do I connect the Beebot to my WiFi network?

You need to first configure the Beebot for the Wi-Fi network you wish to use from your BBoard account.  You will need a smartphone (Android or iOS) to provide an initial hotspot to access the configuration portal.  A full configuration manual is available in your BBoard account.